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Foods and dietary rules to improve dry skin [supervised by a nutritionist].

Foods and dietary rules to improve dry skin [supervised by a nutritionist].

The causes of dry skin vary from person to person and can be due to a variety of reasons. For example, it may be due to the dry season or changes in skin texture due to age. However, did you know that by paying a little attention to your daily diet, you can help build skin that can resist the effects of dryness? In this issue, we have compiled the information you need to improve dry skin from the inside out.


1. Skin care alone is not enough! Why you need to improve your diet to improve dry skin

1-1. The body is made entirely from the food we eat.

When we are hungry for an extended period of time, we lose strength and concentration. However, when we find ourselves in such a situation, we can quickly feel energized and regain energy by eating some food.

Or, many people have probably experienced at least once the phenomenon of their physical condition and shape changing under the influence of the quantity and content of food they eat, such as losing weight by eating less food on a diet or gaining weight by eating too much junk food or oily food.

1-2. Nutritional consumption is champagne tower style! Dry skin is impossible to improve without full nutrition

The order in which nutrients are used is as follows

Nutrients we consume from food are first used in the blood and brain, which are essential to sustain life, and then in the muscles and other important parts of the body. After these vital parts are nourished, the remaining nutrients are used to heal stress and disease.

That is why daily skin care with serums and cleansers is important to improve dry skin, but inner care to nourish cells with food is also important.

1-3. Can changing food change not only dry skin but also hair and muscles?

What happens when we continue to get quality nutrition for our skin cells and sebum and nourish our bodies?

The reason for this is hinted at in the steps to improving dry skin through diet, as I just compared it to a champagne tower.

When we want to "nourish the skin sufficiently," we need to keep pouring lots of quality champagne = nourishment from the top glass to all the bottommost glasses.

Also, champagne = nourishment is not poured into just any one particular glass (part).

And the more of this champagne that is poured into every glass in the champagne tower, which means that it nourishes the entire body.

Improved nutrition for the skin will also result in the improvement of every cell in the body. I want to improve my skin, my hair, and my constitution, all of them! This is a great story for those people.

2. It is easy and can be practiced immediately! How to eat to improve dry skin?

What specific diet and foods should be consumed?

Here is a simple, effective diet for dry skin that you can start today. ‍‍

2-1. Protein should be balanced in both vegetable and animal sources!

Protein foods especially recommended for dry skin include


2-2. Avoid katakana dishes, processed foods and sweets!

When most people hear the word "fat," they are most likely to think of the "visible fat," such as marbled beef, butter, and fried oil, but it is also important to be aware of the "hidden fat. However, it is also important to be aware of "hidden fats.

All of the aforementioned foods contain oils high in linoleic acid or are used abundantly in their preparation. There is also concern that these foods also contain high levels of trans fatty acids, which are regulated in other countries because of their significant impact on arteriosclerosis and heart disease. Considering that the oils contained in foods affect not only the skin but also various parts of the body, we should choose foods well.


2-3. Vegetables should be dark in color and consumed actively with good quality oil!

Below is a list of recommended menus that combine green and yellow vegetables with good fats.

Take a look at these menus and see how they incorporate a combination of dark-colored vegetables and high-quality oils.

2-4. Carbohydrates should be less refined! The darker they are, the better for dry skin.

2-5. Hydrate with water or caffeine-free tea, not juice or coffee.

So why is it also not recommended to hydrate with black coffee, oolong tea, or black tea, which seem to contain no sugar? This is because the diuretic effect of caffeine can lead to dehydration in reverse.

If you want to drink small amounts of water on a daily basis to stay hydrated, you can basically choose from water or caffeine-free tea or less.


Among the most recommended are rooibos and rose hip teas. Both of these teas are not only caffeine-free but also have strong antioxidant properties.

If you want to prevent skin dryness and aging, we highly recommend these teas for a double dose of hydration.


We have found that to improve and prevent dry skin from the root, it is important not only to take care of the skin but also to actively incorporate foods that are good for the skin.

Please start with what you can incorporate into your own life, and aim for a day when not only your skin but also your whole body will be youthful and free from dryness.

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