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(Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Tomotaka Abe), which operates the Infinix brand, will renew its corporate logo on September 1, 2022 (Thursday).

Our mission is to "maximize the value of people's lives by solving the challenges of health and aging.
This year, 291 years after our founding, we have decided to renew our corporate logo in anticipation of future developments.
With this change, we will strive to contribute more than ever before to "create a society where people can live healthy and beautiful lives regardless of their age. 

Background of logo renewal

Our company, Nordeste, whose mission is to maximize the value of people's lives by solving the challenges of health and aging, is celebrating 291 years in business this year and 38 years since the company's establishment.
The company's previous logo was a "honeycomb mark with a tree" derived from propolis, the company's flagship product at the time of its founding, but we have decided to change the logo to "Infinix" to reflect the current status and future of the company, which handles and commercializes numerous raw materials that are believed to be beneficial to mankind, while constantly incorporating the latest chemistry of the times, However, we have decided to integrate it with the "sirtuin mark," which resembles infinity and a mizuhiki, and which is also used in our brand Infinix.


In addition, in order to express the brand's commitment to becoming more approachable and open, we have changed the English name (NORDESTE) to katakana, which is easier to read for men and women of all ages.
The turquoise green color used in the previous logo has been retained.
The green color is derived from the flag of Brazil, where propolis is produced.
Adding the turquoise color to it expresses trust and health.

Key Points of the Logo Revision

Old Logo

New Logo

(1) Change of notation

As a major change, we have changed the name of the website from English to katakana. We have chosen katakana because it is easier to read and more familiar to everyone.

(2) Change of symbol mark

With the background that the symbol mark of Nordeste's NMN product brand "INFINIXX" has become well known, we have decided to eliminate the honeycomb mark that had been used in the corporate logo and integrate it into the symbol mark of INFINIXX.

The sirtuin mark "∞," which means infinity and is newly adopted as the corporate logo, is based on the motif of the "double helix of DNA (genes)," as NMN is closely related to the evolution of genetic science.
The shape of the "mizuhiki", which has been used since ancient times for celebratory occasions, has the meaning of "connecting people" and is a symbol of Japan's uniqueness, and the meaning of "JAPAN PRIDE" is expressed in the shape of the "Mobius wheel", a continuous surface with no distinction between the front and back. The shape of the "Mobius Circle," with its continuous surface that is indistinguishable from the front and back, expresses our desire to cherish the connection with our customers and to be close to them with our true hearts.
The "Mebius Circle" is a continuous surface that has no front or back.

The green color, which has been used in our Nordeste logo since its inception, continues to symbolize "medical," "nature," and "gentleness and friendliness," as its starting point is traditional Japanese therapeutic medicine originating from Chinese medicine.

Start of use

It will be used on and after September 1, 2022 (Thursday).

Nordeste Outline

Nordeste is a 290-year-old venture company engaged in the development and marketing of supplements and cosmetics, which are D2C products in the field of healthcare and aging care.

With a history of about 300 years since its establishment, starting from traditional Japanese therapeutic medicine, Nordeste is currently developing its business with the goal of realizing a society where common sense of ageing is updated and aging is no longer perceived as a negative image.

We have been dealing with a number of raw materials that are considered beneficial to mankind, while always incorporating the latest science of the times.
Our primary mission is to "maximize the value of people's lives by solving health and aging-related issues.

Our job is to discover "products and services" that are not yet widely known to the world and that will emerge in the future, and to deliver them to the world in the "best possible form".

To achieve this, we provide services that are not bound by existing businesses, customs, or methods, and update the health and beauty care field in interesting ways. There is no greater joy for us than to be able to enhance the life value of our customers, even if only a little.

■Company Profile

Company name: Nordeste Corporation
Representative: Tomotaka Abe, President
Location: Marunouchi Nijubashi Bldg. 2F, 3-2-3 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005, Japan
Founded: 1731
Established: December 1984
Business activities: Wholesale, retail and contract manufacturing of health foods, processing of supplements, import of health foods and raw materials,
Cosmetics Wholesale, retail and contract manufacturing of cosmetics, processing of cosmetics, in-house research of raw materials
URL : https://www.nordeste.co.jp/‍


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